How To Install


Installation Process:- Install 


  • Start with the end of the Nash wire as batteries need to be placed on the helmet.
  • Stick the wire on your helmet with tape and create the design you want
  • Once you are done with the creating the design you want with the help of the Helmet tape. Use the helmet glue to stick the wire to the helmet.
  • Just follow the lines of the design created by the nash wire and stick with the helmet glue.
  • If you are installing the Nash Tapes to your helmet with the wires for the perfect badass look. It's easy just peel the tape and stick to your helmet in the position you want
  • Warning do not remove the Tape until the helmet glue dry’s
  • Once the glue has dried pull the tape out and Plug to the power bar and stick the power bar to the helmet.
  • You are now ready to rock the world.